our last morning in New York (off to West Point!)

So its our last morning in 纽约市 and we’re off to West Point for a leadership seminar, and then driving on to Boston for the Harvard conference. I had an amazing night last night at some shows (of which I will write about in detail later) but definitely feel like I am in a creative space where I could conquer some little part of New York.

Its crazy who you stumble into at random meetings in this town… the world is a small place indeed. Sad I didn’t get a chance to see all of the folks I wanted to see (but technically I was here working, so…) but I’ve decided that I’m definitely going to try to spend about two weeks here in May (since I’ll be stateside for my bestest friend’s wedding anyways). Besides, I also need to finagle my way into an audition (or at least tickets to see the show?) for The Daily Show, and I’ll definitely need some time for that, ha. Ok, enough chatter… off to the buses!

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