its rainy in LA, and I feel like an alien…

… but at least I’ve got friends in this town ;)

One in particular who helped to rescue me from the dour golf resort that I’m staying at and take me out to some local restaurants/bars in downtown LA. Its so funny being a tourist in my own country. I felt more like an alien last night than I do in China or Europe. But it was exciting to see real live crack heads… reminded me of home (?).

But LA seems to be somewhat sleepy compared to New York (similar to Perth in that restaurants and bars all seem to close relatively early). My friend explained to me that this was likely due to the fact that most people had to drive home, which certainly means you won’t stay out late drinking all night. Carpooling seems to not happen much here. A reminder of why I like cities (not because of binge drinking, seriously!): public transportation/taxis are wonderful.

Still, I’m lovin the art deco designy nature of this city, and while my Chinese millionaires are surprised at the lack of “Americans” (ie: white people) they are amused/interested that I consider the Latinos and Asians that make up most of the populace of the areas we’re staying at outside of LA to be Americans, too. They often call me a “zhongguo tong” (China-person) in a sweet and somewhat patronizing way, and its nice to point out to them that while I could never be Chinese, they could be American. And on that note… I’m going to try to finish up some more emails (SOOOOO many to get to, eep!) and then do some pilates and don a new dress and meet up with some other friends to check out some more America (Cali-style!) ;)

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