An Evening of Wine and Cheese and the Three E’s

Eric’s of Paris has a little space below their Sanlitun shop that has housed over the years a wide variety of fashion-oriented boutiques, the most recent reincarnation of which is Belita Jewelry. At the opening the other night, I was pleasantly surprised to stumble upon my friend Eyee, whom I have been running into a lot of late, (while having seen her perhaps 1 time by accident the previous 3 years).

Sharing deliciously cute cupcakes and stories about Sea World wonders was an incredibly fun way to get back into the swing of things in Beijing. And while the wine and cheese following the cupcakes didn’t do much in the way of helping with my jetlag, a fun night wandering events in Beijing is always a good time ;)

坐落在三里屯的爱丽克小店,多年来一直是经营时尚精品种类繁多的店品,近期增加一些贝利塔饰品。在开幕的那天晚上,我突然惊喜地发现我的朋友Eyee,真是一个大的惊喜,(这是三年中第一次意外的看到她)。我们一起分享美味的蛋糕聊天讨论着那部神奇难以置信的海洋世界的话题。在葡萄酒和奶酪蛋糕后帮助我调整时差最好的方式,这也是在北京度过一个非常有趣夜晚的好时机 ;)

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