Brunch Numero Tres

Ok, so yes, I’ve been a little lax with some (ok, all!) of my new years resolutions this year but… I’ve had some pretty darn good excuses (hello, vacation, Chinese New Year, whirlwind trip across America with 150 Chinese millionaires). However, it was incredibly nice to see my peeps again this past weekend for brunch, yay tradition!

As you can see from the photos, Angel played an important role in the entertainment factor for this particular brunch. First there were eyeballs and disgusting shower references, and then well, our appetites were ruined.

But then the food came out, and as anyone who has ever heard me wax poetic about this place before, the brunch at La Taverne is scrumptious and amazing, so we were quickly distracted and devoured our food.

Malaike was also kind enough to split some wine with me, as while I normally don’t drink at breakfast (admittedly, breakfast was at noon!) but I had a big audition in the afternoon, and I have discovered (quite by accident, thanks to a cotton-candy filled champagne brunch) that when I show up slightly buzzed, I always get the part!

Mind you, its now negotiating the terms of the contract that prove to be truly challenging (its always hard to convince them that I really need to have “at least 9 hours for sleep/hygiene per day” written into the contract… but I have had many many bad experiences of all-night filming and its just hard to act, in Chinese, while exhausted and impersonating a panda ;p

Anyhoo… One of the best things about these weekend brunches is that they’re so relaxed and now that everyone is really starting to get to know one another, the conversations have gotten a lot more amusing. What’s in store for this weekend? I don’t know, but I can’t wait to find out! ;)

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