Dear Beijing, didn’t you get the memo, its Spring!

So it snowed this morning… despite the fact that the Chinese gods of tradition have already clearly stated that Spring is Here (seriously, Li Chun was like, weeks ago!). I’m reminded of my first trip to China… 10 years ago (eep, 10 years?!?!). We had arrived near YuanXiaoJie in 2001, and the morning after I woke early (yay jetlag) and went for a run…

Xizhimen in the snow was incredibly beautiful, and the gently snow covered red lanterns were a great light to run by. Of course, I got back to my dorm room to cough up blackish goo, so… it wasn’t all romance and lollipops back then (but at least traffic was incredibly pleasant!) ;)

Mind you, while the coal dust in the air is significantly less now than it was in 2001, I feel like the air overall is usually worse. Of course this post follows the three day span of 500+ “crazy bad” air pollution Beijing enjoyed earlier this week, soo… the snow was very welcome. Despite the fact that it is clearly supposed to be Spring, or at least vaguely Spring-y, the snow was a welcome event, as it really really helped to clean up the air (sigh).

Interesting side note: Beijing snow tastes nastay! (Children, do not try this at home, Beijing snow has potentially toxic ingredients and will likely cause awful awful things to happen to your gut).

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