On Being Godiva’d (at George’s, hehe) 歌帝梵巧克力聚会

The latest of my ChocoJing adventures has led my taste buds to extreme levels of happiness. Not only because Godiva is one of my favorite brands of chocolate (plus they have a sexy logo!) but also because George’s is a great bar and George (the bartender) makes the most *delicious* white chocolate martinis! Yum! A great combination.

And of course, having friends to hang out with while gorging oneself on chocolate isn’t bad either, hehe. Surprisingly there weren’t as many long-time ChocoJingers who were able to make it out, it was great to meet some new friends (and see some old ones, too!). Best thing about ChocoJing is that its a great excuse to get friends to come all the way over from the west side of town to play (see picture on the right, haha).

We did a sampling of Godiva’s famous truffles (my favorite was the raspberry ganache!) as well as their delectable collection of “biscuits” (thats um, european for “cookies” haha). So good, the truffles were gone within minutes! The Godiva rep present (Meagan Dietz) was also able to personally share with us some details about Godiva’s chocolates, as well as the news that they’re building a giant cafe here in Beijing (!!!). I can’t wait! See, I’m drooling already! ;)


当然,和朋友一起来参加,同时又可以一起分享美味的巧克力,呵呵。令人惊讶的是很多的老会员每次都参加,这是极大的满足了一些新的朋友(以及看到一些老朋友!)。最重要的一点是它能让你有一个很好借口让 朋友来从城镇玩耍(见右侧,哈哈图片)西侧的所有道路。 

我们做了歌帝梵的著名松露抽样(我最喜欢的是莓伽纳彻!)以及“曲奇” (这就是这个来自欧洲哈哈)的美味集合“饼干”。非常好,松露在几分钟之内都不见了!歌帝梵销售代表(梅根迪茨)也会与我们分享一些不同类型歌帝梵的巧克力,听说他们正在建造一个巨大的咖啡馆在北京(!!!).我不能等待!你看,我流口水了! ;)

Going Godiva at George’s event

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