Coolest Nails in the WORLD 世界最酷的指甲

(ok, perhaps that was a slight exaggeration but… they certainly feel pretty cool)

After the ridiculously fun press event yesterday (I say ridiculously fun because we also did some improv games with the press and theater folks, so it was very different from the typically boring Chinese style press events), we stopped off at the Nacho & Dai Nail Salon, as they are sponsoring the new play, “Iron Brothers” by coming up with a cool new Cheeky Monkey design (and we’ll be giving away 8 free manicures to audience members!).

Very awesome indeed.

And as you can see from the original design here, Cheeky Monkey design by Nacho & Dai Salon 绘甲社美甲, its a very different and fun sort of nail design. We decided that since the play is about two gemer we should get one of them to do his nails, hence Ted’s being conscripted into getting his first manicure ;)

As I’m never one to turn down free pedicures, I also decided to model my lil toes (and wow, I gotta say, its SO much fun looking down at these lovely red and yellow creations!). So… what do you all think?




我也从未有机会得到免费的美甲,所以我决定趁这个机会装饰一番我的脚趾造型(哇,我得说,这是非常有乐趣,看着这些可爱的红色和黄色的杰作!)。那么… …你们觉得怎么样呢?

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