April seems to be a good month… Go Heels!

Its been a rough couple of weeks for me lately… I simply have (had?) too many things on my plate, all of them equally decent, none spectacular, so its been very hard for me to prioritize things properly. So this meant a lot of late nights at the office, very little socializing/relaxing… and eventually, the fates decided to force me to slow down by having the taxi driver leave with my luggage when I was headed to the Hong Kong film festival. Yet again, a passport is stolen :( Sure, losing all things that are hard to replace makeup, clothing, book, camera (just the small one, fortunately) and laptop is *highly* annoying, but the film festival was just such a great career opportunity… it was for that weird kung fu film where I play a french stewardess (yes, I can speak Chinese with a French accent!)

But… I don’t want to talk about it too much… it still feels a little bit like getting punched in the stomach every time I think about it. So instead, I want to focus on the positive things that have been happening lately: like, UNC getting to the Final Four! (Pictures of the game watching here in Beijing are up randomly with this post).

Another fabulous thing about April is that it has magically turned warm and beautiful in Beijing. Clear skies, light warm breezes… its almost too much good for me to handle ;) This means that rehearsals for Kung Pao Shakespeare that we do at the Cheeky Monkey Courtyard are now happening on Saturday afternoons, which is *perfect*! I think that this Saturday I’m going to organize for a little barbecue with the chuar guy from down the street. We’ve already got a couple cases of pijiu hanging around…

Wow, I just realized what time it was (I spent a couple hours this evening over at Peng Hao Theater organizing things for the Green Eyes on Chinese production (warning, website still under construction, ha) and then met with a friend for a beer on Nanluoguxiang). The final game is tomorrow, and I need to get my beauty sleep (well, at least *some* sleep) if I plan on waking up in time to watch the game… bonne nuit tout le monde!

~ Elyse

PS: Today is my Mama’s birthday, 祝你生日快乐妈妈! :)

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  1. TarheelBabu says:

    so cool that you are watching the game in beijing!

  2. shinghu says:

    you gotta show me where to hang out once i am in beijing

  3. juhuacha says:

    @ TarheelBabu: yeah, it was pretty awesome to be in my Carolina gear with some fellow Tarheels watching us destroy the Spartans ;)

    @ shinghu: definitely! the problem with Beijing is that there are *too* many great places to hang out here!

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