Happy Halloween from Beijing! :) 祝你万圣节快了!

Just finished celebrating Halloween in style with some of my favorite people (Xiao Hui, Julie, Ted and Carl) with an impromptu pizza party and a crazy assortment of sugary treats. I live in a diplomatic compound, and this was my first year being “at home” on Halloween night, and was totally amazed by the numbers and varieties of kids in costumes coming to the door and shouting out “Trick or Treat” in heavily accented English. Now, I’m all for one for promoting American culture (are we the only ones that fatten our children up with processed sugars every October 31st?) but also, Halloween is one of my FAVORITE holidays. So of course I wanted to support and encourage the kids. However, I hadn’t prepared. So before I had a chance to get out to the local store and grab some candy, I had already given away all my quality chocolate (not sure how much kids like dark chocolate, but they certainly went gaga for a box of Godiva truffles I gave them!). I didn’t want to be one of those awful adults that gave away fruit — or, even worse: tooth brushes!

Alas, a good excuse to buy some more ;) I picked up some QQs and gummi bears and candy bars at Jenny Lou’s for the rest of the evenings trickortreaters. And my friends and I enjoyed pizza and chocolate and sugary sugar treats while playing my favorite new card game, Darok (sp?). So whaddya think of Ted’s costume? For those of you who don’t know peking opera maskology, his mask is the face paint for the Monkey King, Sun Wukong. Awesome, non? And creepy. Very very creepy. ;)

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