Laptop Fail on the Nightly News

Before the WAB career day this afternoon, I squeezed in a guest appearance on a news show to discuss the wealth gap in modern economies (an issue that China is struggling to deal with before bigger problems appear).

It was the first time I’ve been allowed to discuss in depth the Occupy Wall Street movement. Previously it was deemed to risky, so I was only able to say that it was happening, but not discuss origins of the movement, etc. So it was exciting to be involved in this discussion now (even if its slightly out of date, ha).

I snapped these two photos on the sly during the filming with my iPad — wanted to show off the awesome newsy anchor look I can pull off with my new haircut ;)

Also wanted to share the laptop placement fail by the actual anchor of the show. Not the first time I’ve seen similar issues (the problem being that the laptop provided is broken but still needs to be there for product placement).

Half of the other guests had iPads like me, but there were a couple of old school economists/gov officials who preferred the paper (but at least they weren’t pretending to use laptops).

– on a side note: I just watched the Daily Show Valentine’s Day episode (highlights are panda porn, v-jay jay day and Ricky Gervais having sex with a raccoon). Made me wish yet again that there was a Chinese version of this show (or, alternatively, that the Daily Show needs a Chinese speaking blonde correspondent). ;)

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