Elyse on CCTV-4 tonight: 文明之旅 talkin bout tea ;)

Tonight on CCTV-4 at 10pm you’ll have the chance to see my sitting uncomfortably on a cold glass stage, pretending to be at ease and enjoying some green tea.

Wearing my lovely red Bettie Page dress seemed like a good idea before I found out that we weren’t getting chairs… (sigh)

Also, I talk briefly about English tea ceremonies (or lack thereof?) and the joys of amazing Devon cream tea. Yum. Really looking forward to my trip to the UK later this Summer! Beijing’s got all the rainy bleh of an English Summer with none of the cozy pubs. It was good fun to hang out with Mo Dawei again (David Moeser, who I got to see at the CET reunion the other night, too, yay!) and see a vaguely sinified version of a Bollywood tea drinking song. Yay choreographed singsongs!

So… just in case you’re bored, there’s got to be some sort of drinking game to be had: every time I’m on camera trying to hold in a yawn/grimace — drink! ;)

今晚10点在中央电视台CCTV4有机会看到小柳参加《文明之旅》的节目。我们这次讨论中国的茶艺文化,然后我会说关于美国冰茶还有英国下午茶。最好玩的就是印度朋友准备的茶艺舞蹈!希望大家有空的话收看,跟我今晚一起喝杯“感恩茶” :)

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