Yet Another Random Appearance in Chinese Media for Me

4月11日,王奕謌(左)在北京与来自美国的中国戏曲学院研究生柳素英(Elyse Ribbons)探讨表演技艺。 王奕謌:梨园新锐的京剧梦(组图)

Last Spring I was introduced by a fellow artist friend (who does photography/poetry based around zen and lotus blossoms) to the wonderful Wang Yige, who is also my Shi Jie (fellow alum of my Chinese University, NACTA). She also happens to be an incredibly talented danjue peking opera singer who didn’t start singing until later in life (there’s maybe hope for me yet?!). She’s won oodles of awards and has the theatrical chops of any diva, while maintaining the humility of a true artist. Either way, last April this photo was taken while we were having tea, discussing the beauty (and arm-numbing pain!) of the lotus flower hand gestures for the female role in Chinese opera. A friend pointed this news article out to me, what a great reminder to give Wang Yige a call and see if I can rope her into this yoga/jingju short movie I want to shoot ;)

PS: Happy National Day to my Chinese friends out there! (Though I was amused to discover that no one ever says “国庆节快乐” instead sticking to “十一快乐”)

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