An American Feeling Vaguely British in Beijing

I can pick out at least four different silk print patterns that are distinctly Chinese in the calico Union Jack above… ah globalization, I loveth thee!

I think I’m feeling a wee bit of reverse-reverse culture shock coming back to China after being in the UK for the past month. It was nice to be a foreigner-in-secret. Due to the fact that I’m not built like your average American tourist (ahem, thanks to my Beijing street-food diet, ha!) and my theatre-training (ie: I annunciate!) most people weren’t aware that I wasn’t British. Unless of course I opened my mouth and — ok, I was going to insert a superfluous bad teeth joke here, but seriously, after living in China, its hard for me to mock British dentistry… too much.

Either way, it was nice to not have to be aware all the time that I was an outsider. All the excitement of the Olympics aside, I particularly enjoyed the time in Leicester (thx Heather, Ross, Matthew, Malcholm and little Thomas!), Yorkshire (thx Rachel and Simon!) and of course Ludlow and Stratford-Upon-Avon (thx especially to Mr Willy Wigglestick!). The joy of exploring a new culture, and rediscovering a history that as an American I get to lay some sort of claim to, culturally if nothing else. Belonging and not. A nice sort of limbo to be in as a tourist. Plus it helps that England is such a fascinating country :)

Ok, now to get geared up for my final year of my Masters in Fine Arts at the National Academy of Chinese Theatre Arts — now that I’ve forgotten all my Mandarin in the past month! 加油小柳!

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