QQ.com《美国那点事儿》 第三期:美国为什么不禁枪?

《美国那点事儿》 第三期:美国为什么不禁枪?

I had the opportunity to be a guest on the Tencent (ie: QQ.com -- China’s interwebbing monopoly with 450 million users!) series “Meiguo na dian shi’er” to discuss some of the more controversial points in upcoming election. This show is about gun rights in America – I had to be tactful when discussing how the right to bear arms has a lot to do with our Independence from England, ability to form a militia, etc. Had a great time, and I’m amazed that after only one day online there’ve been almost 3 million views! Coming from a TV and Radio standpoint (where things are very heavily controlled and conservatively censored) doing a web show is surprisingly open (within limits). No English subtitles, but hey, no time like the present to learn yerself some Mandarin! ;)

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