Vote For Elyse!!!

Dearest Fellow Americans,

Please go out and vote today. I know its a hassle, and maybe you’re feeling a wee bit apathetic, but surely there is even a local city or state official that you’d like to support? Living in China has taught me many, many things, but most of all how lucky we are as Americans to be able to have a voice in our governance. So please, for me, go out and VOTE today! :)



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  1. Liu Yuan says:

    To chinese people,having a voice in our governance is now even a far vison.Hope U’ll be the next next next president of USA,I’ll vote for U ,LOL~~~

  2. Leland.C says:

    Yup,u guys r really lucky…
    I agree with the idea the guy mention above:hope u’ll be the president someday!I’ll vote for u,too,lol…
    Just keep searchin’ sth interesting around u,we r happy to know…

  3. Ray says:

    OK now the dust is settling. Politics is not my cup of tea, and this year certainly wasn’t as a nail-biter as it was in 2000 and 2004. (Speaking of nail biter the only ones this year for me was watching SF Giants coming back from 0-2 to the Reds and 1-3 to the Cardinals. Isn’t it great to always use a sports analogy?) Anyway, I can’t help but once again noticing how divided the country is. Not just in terms of deciding who the next president is, but also in almost half of the proposition measures. DIVIDED seems to be the most symbolic characteristic of the present American politics. China is probably the exact opposite. The funny thing is, Elyse, you are an American
    living in China, so you are probably the best person to make the comparison.

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