I’m ba-ack! (from a ridiculously wonderful/stressful month)

I finally sat down and unpacked my suitcases yesterday (two of them, one for domestic travel and one for international — the international significantly larger so that I can smuggle back quinoa and granola bars!) and… wow. I realized I have been in 8 different cities in the last month (several of them twice!) and no, I’m not counting Singapore, even though I hung out in the airport there for almost a day ;) Great airport to be trapped in, I randomly took part in a “game show” thing they had set up in the middle of one terminal and then won (yay not-so-useless trivia!). The S’poreans I was competing with were flabbergasted that the white chick out-nerded them. Uni-Pride, w00t!

The photo above is surprisingly not from a recently discovered beach paradise on Mars, but rather is rather on the far ends of the Earth… Darwin, Australia! Aptly named because everything there has pretty much out-competed everything else and even the grass could kill you if it wanted to! The photo below is from the sunset off that same beach… what an amazing view! And an amazing trip! At some point I will hopefully post some photos/snippets from my journal for the past month… but first, to prepare for an afternoon of interviewing the Hong Kong / Chinese artist Tim Yip (he’s a very cheeky monkey as well). His stories are so much and its such a joy to chat with him that I’m easily distracted. Hence the need for preparation! Good fun. :)

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