shout outs from some great Beijing blogs

These two blogs recently interviewed me (about restaurants/bars/high heels) and this is a fabulous excuse for me to let readers on my blog know about these great sites. They’re both written by long-term Beijing expats, who both happen to be well-known epicureans in their own right. (Thanks to Jim Boyce and Badr Benjelloun!)

Elyse Ribbons: You can eat your Kung Pao and see it tooBeijingDaze

Top five watering holes: Elyse Ribbons of Cheeky Monkey ProductionsBeijing Boyce

In the latest round of the top five watering holes series, Elyse Ribbons - best known as the woman behind Cheeky Monkey Theater - gives her picks for best spots to grab a drink in Beijing. Her newest production, Kung Pao Shakespeare, a comedy about a Beijing theater company putting on Taming of the Shrew, will be performed this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (there are details on her site about the play and tickets. See also her post on Facebook).

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