Wacky Chinese Products: Maple’s Love (beverage)

The other day, on my way to visit my 干妈 (Chinese mother) at the hospital where she was recovering from knee surgery, I stopped off at a flower shop to get some pink lilies and fruit. After spending what now upon reflection seems far too much time bargaining over the price of aforementioned lilies, I noticed some interesting new bottles on the shelf of the store.

One of my personal weaknesses is new flavors, and much like Achilles’ heel, I’m sure this weakness will kill me some day. Lo and behold the new flavor of the moment: Maple’s Love ! It is advertised as a taste of Canada (ha) and it literally tastes exactly like super sugary watered down syrup. The opposite of thirst-quenching to say the least.

Either way, just thought I’d share the latest of my discoveries in a new series of posts: Wacky Chinese Products. As this there is an endless supply of aforementioned product wackiness here in the Middle Kingdom, I will be sharing my daredevil taste testing with you all via blog :)

~ Elyse / 小柳
PS: Gotta luv the over feminized Chinese pop star spokesman on the bottle, eh? I still don’t get why girls (or maybe they’re secretly marketing to guys?) go for the non-gendered look….

no one can beat Wang Lihong’s Wahaha boy campaign though ;)

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