another JPG mag photo… transformations: makeupped

this is a photo from the makeup room at a tv show… it was crazy funny in that there were *sooo* many makeup artists/hairdressers that I felt like there were hands coming at me from every direction. one of the reasons I like acting: I love having people play with my hair, and really good makeup artists make putting on your makeup feel like you’re getting a face massage… that aside though, Chinese tv shows often leave me looking so different I can often hardly recognize myself.

ok, enough of this babble, I’m meant to be reading over a wacky script where I’d play a spunky Portuguese maid (the show is meant to take place in Macau about 20 years ago). catch y’all on the flipside :)

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  1. TT says:

    呵呵,见笑见笑 :)

  2. juhuacha says:

    *mwa* can’t wait to see you in a couple weeks!

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