Book Review: Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

Water for Elephants: a Novel — by Sara Gruen

Earlier this weekend, after deciding to skip the incredibly crowded Christmas Bazaar at the German Embassy, I ended up enjoying a fantastic brunch with my 007 at The Opposite House in Sanlitun. Not the best eggs benedict in the city, but overall an incredibly pleasant brunch experience with a great environment and fantastic service. After brunch, I popped down to The Bookworm to pick up some eye candy for the weekend and stumbled upon “Water for Elephants” and was incredibly happy that I did. :)

It began with a cantankerous 90-something year old man, grumbling about his life in the nursing home, and waxing poetic on the souls of young people being trapped in bodies that are failing them… I’ve always been a big fan of conversations with elderly folks and was happy to discover that the author obviously felt the same. The story is about a circus, about the Depression in America, love, elephants and so much more. A fun weekend read, interesting and academic without being dry, I definitely recommend it. I made a point of listening to some Josephine Baker and classic jazz to keep me in the mood. Its not a challenging book, but it is informative and definitely pulls the reader in without sinking to dime novel tactics. For you Beijingers reading this post, I’m bringing back the book tomorrow, so keep your eyes open for it ;)

~ Elyse

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    really good reader,I would like to take a look.

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