MCing the Beijing International Film Festival Fundraiser

Last night I helped MC for the fundraiser for the Beijing International Film Festival held at Casa Seven over at the Worker’s Stadium. Bilingual hosting is always challenging, not just because you have to remember to say everything twice, but also because the rhythm can sometimes be interrupted by your own translations. Really, it would be nice if more Laowais spoke better Mandarin, then I could just stick to Chinese, ha.

It was a fun night, was inspired to create “Hypoxia” (the final addition to the ShiFen Festival, I promise!) and it was a good chance to hang out with some friends. Momo and I were enjoying some of the benefits of the piñata (yes, tilda included) when the photographer snapped this shot. Peter and Christine, the organizers of the fundraiser, kindly donated the unused piñata for the ShiFen Festival. Not sure how to include it yet, but wherever it is, it will be awesome :)

Good times. Best part of the night though was watching the 8th Samurai movie, I love inside jokes and actors who are so desperate just to act… and yes. Close to home there, eh? ;) Ok, need to get ready for my jam-packed day of rehearsals, toodles!

~ Elyse ( 柳素英 )

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