Elyse Ribbons

Elyse grew up mostly in Detroit, Michigan (also partly in Orlando, FL) and is currently a citizen of North Carolina but is a resident of Beijing, China. As a “Gypsy Extraordinaire” she has participated in a wide variety of industries, but has always maintained close ties to the arts. As creator of Cheeky Monkey Theater Productions, she has produced three shows thus far, the most recent of which, I Heart Beijing, has won critical acclaim for being one of the few bridges of the cultural gap between Asia and the West (seriously, South China Morning Post said this, so it must be true, ha).

Currently she is working on the ShiFen Theater Festival, which is a public festival (ie: FREE) of all sorts of performance arts, from the traditional Peking Opera, to Modern Dance/Interpretive Dance and Performance Art, to traditional comedies and plays in both Chinese and English. In her free time, Elyse is a professional blogger and freelance journalist du jour, as well as a photographer and most interestingly: one of the organizers of the Beijing artWALK, which is another free event (food is cheap in China, an artist can’t starve here!) aimed at involving everyone in the amazing art community here in Beijing.

As one might have observed from her userpic, she is also a devout fan of chocolate and has organized ChocoJing, Beijing’s Premier Chocolate Appreciation Society (ok, Beijing’s only chocolate appreciation society, but you get the picture). She currently balances her time between Beijing and London and loves any excuse to get her creative juices flowing. Oh, and writing in the third person about herself. So much fun ;)

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  1. Lance Crayon says:

    Hello Elyse, I my name is Lance Crayon and I used to be a talent agent in Los Angeles, and I also produced a feature film last spring. I was Brandan Halpin’s agent for a few years and he said you would be a good person to contact. I want to move to Beijing and I’m trying to find a job. Can you email me? I just have a few questions. Thanks.


  2. Kristin says:

    Hi Elyse,
    What a fun blog! I came across it while searching for American expats in Beijing for research I’m helping conduct at the University of Maryland.

    Any chance you’d be willing to participate in a brief-ish survey about being an expat (and maybe pass it on to friends) to help out a couple anthropologists? Email me at sullivank@anth.umd.edu and I’d be happy to send along more information.

    - Kristin

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